Awards of Excellence

OCA National Convention
OCA Sacramento was bestowed the highest award as "2012 Chapter of the Year" in the national chapter excellence awards. We were honored and humbled to receive this prestigious award.

OCA Sacramento Holiday Celebration
Some of the talented team of OCA; Nancy Woo (Treasurer), David Low, Jinky Dolar (VP Cultural Affairs), Darrel Woo (Legal Counsel), Susie Low (VP Communications), Gaylord Gee (Executive VP), Sonney Chong (Advisor), Ann Hoang Fogliani (VP Membership), Tom Bhe PhD, (VP Community Outreach), Michael Head (President), and Susie Wong (VP External Affairs/Policy)

Unsung Hero Award 2011

Unsung Hero Awardee, Nancy Woo, (fourth from left) has been a member for 8-years and currently serves as the chapter Treasurer. Her dedication to maintaining the chapter’s financial records and organizing chapter events has been very instrumental for the chapter's success. Nancy and the rest of the Woo family firmly believe in community outreach and provide an annual Woo Family Scholarship to a deserving APA student.


WHEREAS, Nancy Woo has been selected by the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) as one of six 2011 OCA Unsung Heroes Award recipients, and it is appropriate at this time to highlight her many
achievements and extend to her the special recognition of the public; and

WHEREAS, The national OCA Unsung Heroes Awards recognize the many OCA volunteers who are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes in their respective chapters and generously devote their time and efforts to advancing the many causes of the OCA and their local community, and included among the dedicated individuals who use their considerable talents and resources to serve others is Nancy Woo; and

WHEREAS, An active member of the Sacramento Chapter of the OCA since 2003, Nancy Woo currently provides her expertise as Chapter Treasurer, in which capacity she utilizes her skills and 35 years of
experience as a bookkeeper to ensure that the monthly accounts of OCA Sacramento are in order, performing her duties quietly and without desire or need for accolades, and due to her tireless efforts, the Sacramento Chapter has become renowned as a leader in the greater Sacramento Valley
community; and

WHEREAS, At the national level, Nancy Woo served as Treasurer of the OCA National Convention held in Sacramento in 2007, and since 2008, she has been an active member of the OCA Board, where she has worked diligently to advance the goals and principles of the organization and earned the great respect and sincere admiration of her fellow members; and

WHEREAS, Born and raised in Walnut Grove, Nancy Woo is the devoted wife of Darrel Woo, OCA Sacramento Legal Counsel, and the proud and loving mother of Alyson, and with a strong belief in giving back to their community, Nancy and her family provide an annual Woo Family Scholarship to a deserving Asian Pacific Islander (API) student and generously support such organizations as My Sister’s House, the Asian Community Center, and various other API programs and organizations; and

WHEREAS, Personifying that which is the very best in community leadership, Nancy Woo’s personal and civic commitments portray her focus on service and her effective blending of humility and intelligence, and as a result of her hard work and unwavering commitment, she has made a significant difference in the Sacramento community and in the lives of its people; now, therefore, be it



That Nancy Woo be congratulated on her selection as a 2011 OCA Unsung Heroes Award recipient by the Organization of Chinese Americans, and extended sincere best wishes that her indomitable efforts will continue in the years to come.


Unsung Hero Award 2012


      Unsung Hero Award 2013 recipient goes to Susan McKee, OCA Sacramento Chapter- Legislative Liasion and District Director for Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg's office.

Chapter Excellence Awards

2013 First Place

Chapter of the Year Award

2012 First Place

Chapter of the Year Award 

2012 First Place

Communications Award 

2012 First Place 

Programs & Projects Award 

2012 Second Place 

Economic Development Award 

2012 Second Place 

Advocacy Award 

2012 Third Place 

Community Involvement Award 


2011 Second Place

Chapter of the Year Award


2010 Second Place

Chapter of the Year Award 


2010 Second Place
Community Involvement Award

2009 First Place
Advocacy Award 

2008 First Place

Chapter of the Year Award 


2007 First Place

Chapter of the Year Award 


2006 Third Place

Chapter of the Year Award 



The OCA Unsung Heroes Award, presented by the Buick, recognizes the many OCA volunteers who are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes in their respective chapters dedicating their time and efforts to advancing the many causes on behalf of OCA and their local community. These men and women unselfishly share their time, consistently and willingly extend a helping hand showing enthusiasm and initiative while promoting OCA’s mission.


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